DO SAVANNAH – Dine Savannah: Big Bon Bodega brings bagels to Bull Street

Savannah Morning News did an article on Big Bon when we first opened the Bodega.  Big Bon Family’s newest addition, Big Bon Bodega, has opened in Savannah and has been met with great enthusiasm by the public. Customers have praised the bagels for their texture and flavor, and the shop’s location has been noted as being convenient and enjoyable. Here are some quotes from the article that highlight the positive aspects of Big Bon Bodega:

  • “The bagels are chewy and dense, with a lightly crisp skin, and the everything bagel has a perfect punch without being too overwhelming.”
  • “Big Bon Bodega is 10 blocks from my house and is in a lovely spot that beats driving four miles down Abercorn to, meh, a strip mall.”
  • “Nice people make delicious pizza and bagels. First-rate bagels.”

The interior of the shop has been described as Euro-clean and sinuous, designed by Jerome Elder and Charlotte Masters. Overall, Big Bon Bodega is a great addition to Savannah’s food scene, and the Big Bon team’s hard work and passion for their enterprise are evident in their delicious pizza and bagels.

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Photo by N. W. Gabbey – Savannah Morning News

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